Study Break Throwback| Mr. Kate BeautyMarks

A while back, I was shopping online and impulsively orders some Mr. Kate Beauty Marks. I wasn’t sure what I was planning on wearing them with or even if I’d be bold enough to wear them at all (this was prior to them exploding in popularity) but it took me less than 2 seconds to fall in love!

Have you ever wanted to feel like a badass warrior queen diva princess? (Or funky warrior king, for my fellas.) Yeah? Well this is for you my dear! They take me back to my days of secretly putting on the .50 cent tattoos I’d smuggled home in those little plastic bulbs that you get from the machine near the door at Pizza Hut. Look at that run on sentence. You know the ones? It was usually a butterfly or star and would start to flake off after just one bath. Well these won’t flake and provide a much more sophisticated reminder of my rebellious youth.

Several major retailers are carrying similar products but if you’re considering trying some, I’d spluge on these simply for the quality. I put one on my face for a photoshoot not too long ago and that sucker still looked brand new after 3 washes. I was both impressed and concerned about what my coworkers would think of my new found tribal paint.



They come it lots of styles and colors, so there’s something for everyone. And you deserve some glamour too, it’s not just for Beyonce. Don’t take life to serious. Put on some gold, dress up, and have a little fun.signature

Photos by Adolfo Gonzalez


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