Discovering an Oasis

IMG_0945On Monday, I took some time out of my disgustingly busy schedule to reunite with my friend, Jill, after her month long adventure in Italy. There’s something you should know about our friendship, we both have a mutual obsession with food. So when she wanted to show me her photo album dedicated to Italian eats, I was all in. Even with a plate of Chris Madrid’s nachos sitting in front of me, I couldn’t help but wish for a taste, even just a waft of the pizza, pasta, and pesto, oh my. My love for pesto is real people!! And that chocolate cannoli she showed me? -swoon- Where was I? Ah, catching up with Jill. We talked forever, like we do, and it sounded like she had a great time in Italy. I’m genuinely happy for her, she deserved the break. Oh! I almost forgot to mention the loot she brought back for me! I now have an ITALIAN DEADPOOL comic book and a golden spiral from Mount Vesuvius in my possession! See, this is why we are friends! Haha! She excited both the geek and the nerd living inside my head. I’m still freaking out about my new goodies.

On my way home, I decided to stop at a local nursery around the corner. I’d found this place the last time I was headed to get my nacho fix. I saw the sign reading Evergreen Garden and impulsively swung my car off the road and into the parking lot. Blame my wanderlust. It’s a miracle that I didn’t throw my car onto two wheels. I immediately felt at home among the rows of fresh blooms, herbs, and shrubs. The flutter-hum of insects was only accompanied by the sound of my shoes disturbing the gravel under my feet. I could have spent a lifetime there. I still can. But aside from feeling like I’d found a new home, I love this place because it’s family owned and operated, reasonably priced, and they are extremely knowledgeable about the plants they carry. Since the persistent rain decided to drown one of my beloved plants, I stopped in on Monday to find something new and left more than satisfied, with plants in tow.


To my collection, I added a moss rose (my favorite variety of succulent) and the unknown variety the gentlemen recommended to me. I don’t know much about it but he did tell me it would bring in the butterflies. Totally sold. My tiny little garden is growing and I have no plans on slowing down. I’m still missing something to keep the mosquitoes away and HERBS!  Imagine picking fresh basil to make pesto! Mmmmmmmmm! I can’t wait. Taking care of plants is one of those quite pleasures in life that tends to go unnoticed. They need love just like Nova does and they give love in return too. Something about the sunshine on those little leaves gives me momentary solace.



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