Mini Summer Haul

Over the past four years, my closet has become my enemy, full of fragments and bits of my truest self and the person I was trying to be. I’d go to the mall, buy things that I saw the “cool kids” wearing but then go home and let it sit in my closet while I told myself I’m not skinny/pretty/fit/whatever enough to wear it. Then, to make things worse, I could never find an outfit because nothing seemed to mesh so I’d give up and through on jeans and a tee. I’m fed up and I needed to go shopping so that’s what I did dammit! $100 later and completely elated, I ended up with a pile of happy.


from H&M

boxer print cropped button up, short twill shorts in black and green khaki, and a ballet pink belt

from the GAP

black pencil skirt, animal print sandals, and black high rise skinny jeans

from Anthropologie

Q&A a Day

These new things felt more like me; the muted tones, the random prints and textures, all things that I hadn’t embraced until I emptied my shopping bags and saw it staring up at me from the floor like “Hello! Here you are ya dum dum!” I haven’t been this excited about clothes since free dress days in middle school (and those were pretty fucking exciting.) What made it even more exciting, is that I could upload my new finds into my shiny new Stylebook app. I’ve long wanted to organize and digitize my closet and this app is getting me there, I can snap photos of my clothes, upload them, and create looks with my own items. It’s pretty friggin awesome. After I play around with it more, I can give it a full review but for now, I can firmly say it’s proving to be super handy. The hard part is pulling everything out of your closet.

IMG_4933Well my peeps it’s late and I’m worn out from roller skating, but I’m sending you all good vibes. Never be afraid to wear what you want. Wear what makes you feel like your truest self. I’ve come to realize that that’s mostly all black but for you it could be fairy wings and glitter. If that’s what you are inside, show the world, shamelessly. Don’t dare to be different, just dare to be yourself.



2 thoughts on “Mini Summer Haul

  1. Ahh I can relate to this so much. I really need to purge my closet/dresser for all the things I tell myself I’ll wear “one day when I look better in them”. It’s just an unhealthy way to live! Can’t wait to see what you think of the Stylebook app and if you actually use it. I’ve been thinking of photo-cataloguing my clothes for a while now, but I’m not sure if it’ll actually be handy or just a hassle!


    • I’ll definitely post a review for you in the coming weeks! And I know it’s a huge project to tackle but if you can give yourself 15 minutes a day to get in you closet and openly get rid of things you’ll feel so much lighter! Lol

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