DIY on the Fly | Tree Trunk “Tables”

Recently, my apartment underwent a change in management, which is fine and dandy, especially since they’ve promised lots of positive and much needed changes. However, these improvements apparently involve cutting down and trimming the crap out of all the trees! D: I’ve woken up to the sound of an industrial wood chipper spewing it’s organic carnage for the past 3 days. And it seems that they’ve taken a liking to the area directly outside my window because they’ve blocked off the 3 parking spaces and brought in loads of foliage from other parts of the complex to meet it’s untimely end tomorrow morning. -sigh- But since I have no choice but to deal with the proverbial lemons that have been shoved in my face, I decided to make lemonade. Enter this pile of tree bits.

IMG_1838I searched and found the pieces that, for the most part, stood up on their own and had close to level surfaces. I arranged them out side my front door, topped them with plants and voila! A little extra something to greet me at the door. Best thing about it? It was free! And if I come to hate it, I can stick them outside and let them meet a slightly less violent end. Everybody wins.

IMG_1843 IMG_1846I have plans to decorate the largest stump with a welcome sign or carving a hamsa into the wood for protection. If you have any ideas let me know in the comments. Until next time, take those lemons life has been chunking at you, squeeze them into the most beautiful glass of lemonade, and throw it in life’s face while laughing manically. Or don’t. I don’t know.



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