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New Semester, Big Plans

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetAs a lay to rest my summer of turmoil, I breathe in a deeply deserved sigh of relief. While not all things in life have come to a resolution, nothing has brought me more peace of mind than the empty 3-subject notebook laying a top a stack of freshly printed syllabi on my desk.

Over the years, campus has revealed it’s self to me in new ways; unfolding and unraveling it’s self when it felt it was right. In it’s embrace, I have lived several different lives: an awkward but hopeful freshman, a sleepless design student, an unhappy RA, a disgruntled Calculus drop-out, it goes on. But today, I’ve found myself wearing the two new titles of undergraduate research assistant and RHT co-president.

Around this time last year, I would have been glaring at my Facebook timeline, telling myself that my accomplishments weren’t good enough in comparison to what I saw from others. Today, I regret nothing. My slow start has been in preparation for days like today. Days where I’m in pure elation as a stroll between the campus corridors, days where I feel like things have fallen into place.

It just goes to show that a late bloomer is still just as beautiful of a bloom. Or perhaps it’s more beautiful, because of the anticipation, the doubt, the fear that it may never erupt into life like all the others. Maybe the wait, makes it all the more bright.

Cheers to new adventures and welcome challanges. I’m hopeful. Afraid but hopeful.



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